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Monday, February 6, 2012

Chocolate Covered Fluffernutter Cookies (No-bake and 4 Ingredients)

In case you hadn't heard, the Super Bowl was yesterday.

It was some football game or something.

The best part of Super Bowl is the food. (Disclaimer: I generally think the best part of anything is the food. So I may not be the best judge.)

I wanted to find something different and yummy to take for dessert.

Yeah. Exactly. 

Here's what you need to make some of your own!

Ritz Crackers, Peanut Butter (You should use creamy, because crunchy is gross.), Marshmallow Fluff, and Chocolate Candi Melts or melted chocolate chips.

This is a very complicated recipe. 

See? I almost couldn't concentrate, because it was so complex.....

......how did I allow my toe thumb to be in the picture??!! UGH!! Well, at least it looks better than my toenails right now. You fellow runners will know what I mean. I fondly remember when I had 10 whole toenails, all of which were unbruised. Those were the days.

....wait. Can I talk about my toenails while blogging about food? I guess I'm not actually making the food at the moment. So I say it's fine.

Each sleeve of Ritz makes about 18 cookies. Unless there are broken crackers. I think I used a little more than a tsp. of peanut butter and marshmallow fluff on each sandwich. Use your own judgement. But for SURE you have to lick the marshmallow fluff from the butter knife after you're done. That's the rule.

Now melt the Candi Melts or chocolate, and dip. Set on wax paper to cool.

It's a messy job.... 

Some of the marshmallow fluff oozed out of mine. I felt like that added to the appeal....

I popped them into the fridge for a few minutes and they were ready!!

Make these. I implore you. You won't be sorry.

I got this idea from here.

I served these with:

And these:


  1. Nice! Most of our church is not really into football, so we had normal sunday night church for the non-football fans (I think 3 people were gone). I suggested we still have Superbowl food though, because I did not want to miss out on that. So we did. I went crazy in the kitchen. It was amazing!