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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's Cooking on Baking Day...??

So, I did my Monday baking day (which also produces non-baked things that get prepared for the week, but I lump them all into the "baking day" label...) on Tuesday this week. I played around on Monday with Wade when I was supposed to be doing my chores. Do you ever do that?? Choose to do something you want to do instead of what you're supposed to do??

...it was worth it.

So let me share with you what was baked (and not baked) at my house!!

I baked a batch of Strawberry Banana Yogurt Chip Muffins - the kids LOVE these! Have you tried them yet? They are seriously yummy!

I prepped some bags of sliced bananas to freeze for smoothies (I have been experimenting with different smoothie recipes...) I still love the Pina Colada Green Monster though....

Baked a loaf of EASY no-knead 100% Whole Wheat Bread - I love this for sandwiches

Hard boiled some eggs for snacks

Made a batch of Turkey Chili for lunches, plus one larger container for the freezer

(All packaged up and ready for a healthy lunch!)

A batch of Homemade Energy Bars for snacks and quick breakfasts

A batch of Turkey Meatballs for the freezer

And a batch of Homemade Smuckers Uncrustables for lunches (By the way, I put one of these in Wade's lunch the other day, and he was like, "seriously babe, don't put those in my lunch." I guess uncrustables aren't "cool" for grown men?? Who knew.... hahahahaha!)

I am going to blog the recipes for the Turkey Chili and the Meatballs later this week! You will love how easy they are to prepare, and it's always so nice to have something healthy to grab for lunch or a quick dinner!!

I think a huge part of eating well and saving money at the same time is being prepared and thinking ahead to what you will need for the week, and that's why I love baking day so much! This particular day was PACKED and I was totally tired and spent at the end of it, but it feels good knowing I don't have to do all of that work every day- now it's done!!

You should try doing a baking day at your house! Even if you just cut up some fruit or make a batch of cookies for lunches, it will save you time later in the week if you're busy! Gather up a few recipes and make a plan!

.....did you make a plan yet? How about now? Ha ha.

Chinese Chicken Salad
Yeast Rolls


  1. I would love to do this again.. I used to "kind of" do once a month cooking years ago. Maybe when we are done with our school year.. I will put my girls to work with me and get some things stocked in the freezer. You have a great combo of things.. love it!

  2. I am so jealous that you have girls to cook with!! LUCKY!!!!! :)

  3. As soon as school is done I'm going back to once a month planning. I used to plan meals for the month and saved money this way. It will be so good to be back on a schedule. I know I've wasted a lot of money this year with too many trips to the grocery store....or eating out. But it has been so nice teaching Emma. There's always next school year to have it all together.....ha, ha.