"But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." Philipians 3:13b,14

Monday, April 4, 2011

Once a Week Spring Cleaning- Week #1

So, I thought about doing a long, extensive list and tackling some spring cleaning. Only I didn't have enough time (or energy!) So I thought, why not make a list, but pick one day per week and do a bit at a time?! We can all find a little bit of time once a week, right?

So, what did I tackle this week?


We all have clutter in some part of our home. (Right??! Please tell me you have clutter. Otherwise I will feel embarrassed that I am going to show you my clutter)

Here are some of the areas where I have clutter:

My closet (this is the area where I keep all my athletic gear)

My home school closet

My hall closet

The rest of my closet (besides where I keep my gear)

So this is what you need to do. First, pick an area to declutter. It can be a table, a desk, a closet, a bookshelf,  a pantry.... whatever. If it's too big a job, and feels overwhelming, break it into sections and take 2 or 3 days to do the whole thing. Then, get three spots, bags, containers, Rubbermaid bins.... three areas to put stuff. One is going to be "throw away", one is going to be "give away" and one is going to be "put away". If you're doing your kid's room, I suggest using the black trash bags that aren't see-through. This way, the kids (and YOU) don't see what's in the bag after you stick it in there, so you don't have second thoughts about stuff once it's in the bag. I used Trader Joe's bags for my closet.

Then what I do is take everything out or off of the area to be decluttered. As I do this, I put things into the bags that aren't to go back into that area.
Let's be honest. There are things that need to be thrown away. Either they're broken, or not usable for some reason. PUT THEM IN THE THROW AWAY BAG. Just do it. :) Then, also add things to the give away bag, and to the put away bag. (This can include items that need to be donated, returned to someone else, or given to someone else who can use them) Then when you're done, you can carry the "put away" bag from room to room and put the items where they belong.

Here's my gear area after I was finished.There were some RANDOM things in this area, including crayons, a balloon, a sweatshirt we had gotten for Nicholas with the scout logo on it from when he was a baby, and  yarn. Go figure. I also found the mates to two gloves, my gaiters (they're for trail shoes) and the Velcro to attach the gaiters. Nice!

I also tidied the rest of my closet. There was a ton of dirty clothes, and some clean clothes that I had changed out of because I felt fat in them.....

So, now it's your turn!!!! Pick an area to declutter! What will it be? And take your own before and after shots! It's awesome to see the difference just a little work can make! It feels so good to have things more organized! If you're going to declutter, comment on this post with your area! :) If you have an area that is a constant source of bother to you, set some time aside and tackle it!!

Then reward yourself with something. I would choose food.

Dinner Tonight:
Grilled Chicken


  1. Spare room has become a hugh mess/closet. I have been putting it off for weeks,let's be honest, months. There I have said it, now I need to do something about it. Thanks Shari for your inspiration.

  2. That's great Steph!!! Take before and after pics!!!! :-) How did you like the wraps?

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