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Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Morning Breakfast- Multi-Grain Waffles

So, Monday mornings at our house are special. Wade is off on Mondays, so we sleep in a bit and have breakfast together as a family. I try and make a double batch of whatever I cook, so that I can freeze some for the rest of the week. Today I made Multi-Grain Waffles, from the Eating Well website's recipe. You can find the recipe here:

So I toss all the dry ingredients in a bowl (while I'm waiting for my coffee to brew....... as you'll see in a sec, I should have had my coffee FIRST...)

After I started measuring the buttermilk, I realized I was SUPPOSED to soak the oats in the buttermilk for 15 minutes. (I really shouldn't be allowed to cook before I've had coffee) So I made the executive decision that I would just add the wet ingredients, and let the whole thing sit while I cut up a bowl of oranges.....

There's a farm stand by my house that sells a 5 pound bag of oranges for $2, such a great deal, and they are really good!! But I digress.......

So we all sat down to eat the waffles, (which turned out fine, by the way, apparently you can occasionally ignore the directions and the resulting product remains unscathed) and enjoyed the usual family breakfast banter. Everyone fixes their waffles a bit differently.

Christopher uses jelly and sour cream, but he mixes them together before he puts them on his waffles:

I bought low-fat sour cream this last grocery day, and Christopher kept saying that it didn't look like sour cream. It didn't stop him from devouring the waffles though.

Wade uses jelly and sour cream too, but he thinks mixing them together first is silly. (He is a very simple guy when it comes to food, he doesn't like recipes that have "too many ingredients"...)

Nicholas used Nutella on his waffle.

Nicholas first attempted to eat his waffle by stabbing the entire thing and gnawing bites off the edges. As amusing as that was, we had him cut bites first.

*I* unfortunately ATE all my waffles by the time it occurred to me to take some pictures (and YES, we all started eating at the same time. I am just hungry and I eat quickly. Don't judge...) but I had this almond butter on mine, which is my favorite almond butter EVER

So there you have it, Monday morning breakfast at our house. I figured I'd pick something easy to write about for my first "real" blog entry. You know, food! :)

Happy Monday everyone!


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  2. Wooohooo! My own stalker!! :) It actually took me a bit to figure out how to BE a follower of someone's blog, did you figure it out? We need tech people........ ;)